Wholesale of pharmaceuticals and medical products

Since its foundation one of the strategic directions of "ICG Farma" is distribution of high quality medicines of western manufacturers in a best prices.  
Each year "ICG Farma" enlarges the spheres of activities in which we are operating. Currently our company is working not only with EU countries, but also broadened to North and South America, Middle East and Asia markets.

Created strong trade connections turned “ICG Farma” to the global company with the best solutions to create new trading routs.


Veterinary drugs and animal health products

We have paid a lot of attention in development and expansion of our veterinary department recently, as we believe it is a highly perspective business area. Strong and sustainable partnerships with our suppliers now allows us to offer best products at most competitive prices.
Our veterinary department delivers over 3000 veterinary drugs, veterinary and animal health products as well as fodder additives and animal feed authorized in the European Union for livestock, horses, pigs, poultry and pets.
We offer:
• Veterinary medicaments (hormone drugs, anti-parasitic drugs, antimicrobial, anti-mastitis drugs, etc.)
• Biocides including rodenticides, insecticides, disinfection and cleaning materials
• Veterinary instruments and tools
• Laboratory tools and instruments
• Fodder additives
• Animal feed
• Homeopathic drugs
• Vaccines
• Vitamins and minerals

Veterinary license